Remember those nights when your parents read you a bedtime story. Probably a story about unlikely hero. Maybe a young boy or girl who is faced with tough choices and unfavorable odds. The tale was warming and insightful, keeping your interest to the end. It provided something to grasp on. You could relate to the hero. Child of Light provides that same feeling.

Players take a role of a young girl Aurora. She is fallen ill and swept to the dreamland of Lemuria. The land is fallen into darkness. Dark Queen Umbra have stolen Lemuria’s light – the sun, the stars and the moon. As a good girl as Aurora is, she agrees to help to recover Lemuria’s light. The task would not be easy, she needs to fight the dark creatures, help those in need and make sure to save everyone she loves.

The gameplay is a mix adventure and role-playing. Aurora can move somewhat freely to find secret dungeons, fight enemies or other ways interact with the fantasy world of Lemuria. Fighting with enemies launches a turn-based battle where the game really shines. Player can assign attacks, cast spells or use items on their turns. With a help of a Aurora’s firefly companion Igniculus it’s possible to change the turn order by shining a blinding light to the eyes of enemies. That will slow them down. It gives a fresh new twist on traditional turn-based action. Now player can possibly attack multiple times in a row giving a huge advantage to the battle. By timing the turns right, it is even possible to interrupt enemies attacks. Giving even one more element to think about on the turn sequencing.

Aurora meets, befriends and recruits a number of characters to accompany her on her adventure. Party members have their unique abilities to use in battle. The gameplay is surprisingly well balanced with different characters providing different types of attacks and abilities to aid in battle. Only two members can be used at the same time, but they can be changed during the battle. The versatility is definitely there which makes already great battle system even more fun.

Engagingly written story unfolds around Aurora. Players get to experience joy as well as sadness. There is times like when Aurora get to take a look at her grieving father but cannot do anything about it. Or the times when she can help residents of Lemuria and everyone is happy having a good time.

Even if the land of Lemuria have fallen into Darkness it’s still a happy place. A place of great stories, fun times and adventures. An awesome soundtrack will help to get into a spirit of it all. Child of Light lets us grown-ups experience those childhood thrilling moments of great story on an excellent setting. Ubisoft have truly created a fairy tale to remember.

Verdict: 9 out of 10

Child of Light is available on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One

Official page: Child of Light