The famous Alien tagline “In space, no one can hear you scream” phrased the loneliness to the letter. It is the feeling that no one can help you if you are in trouble, that scares many of us. Narcosis takes that feeling and drops the player on to the ocean floor, and leaves it there all by himself. It is not the same kind of horror that you might experience in games like Resident Evil or Silent Hill, it is more of the venture to the unknown – all by yourself.

Narcosis is an underwater exploration and survival story. You play as deep sea mining worker and with a unfortunate accident, events take turn to the worst. Suddenly you are all alone in the bottom of the ocean running low on oxygen and only thing to keep you going is the possibility to get to the surface and maybe, just maybe, find other survivors. The story is told via radio interview happening after the incident. It is surprisingly well written and as unconventional way to tell the story like this, it really captures the feeling and the events brilliantly. Top-notch voice acting helps.

Gameplay consists of finding the right path and fighting off the deep sea wild life. Protagonist is equipped with diving suit able to handle massive pressure. It also have thrusters to help with the movement. Armed only with a knife, encounters with bigger creatures can get a little intimidating. Narcosis is more of avoiding the fight than running straight towards it. Still, you will definitely stab couple of cuttlefishes and anglerfishes along the way. Anything bigger than those and I would suggest dropping a flare and turning the other way.

Other than listening to the interview to uncover what happened, player will come across dead coworkers. It is like page in a friendbook, after finding a person you get to hear a little story about them. Who they were and how they died. Most of the times it’s not a pretty site. Still, I liked knowing about the coworkers faiths. It was a harsh struggle after the accident. Everyone tried to coup the situation the best they could. Seeing the bodies and hearing the stories really pinpoints the whole situation. The ocean floor is not a welcoming place. It will take your precious life in a heartbeat. Thank you Narcosis for the ambiance. That and the ending will leave you speechless and most definitely wanting more.

Verdict: 9 out of 10

Release date: 28.3.2017
Narcosis is available on Microsoft Windows, Xbox One

Official page: Narcosis