We all know the big blockbuster games that everyone is waiting anxiously to try out. But what about the little games, the unsung heroes, that lurk in the shadows? Those games don’t have big marketing budgets to get the word out, but the games might still be worth to take a look. There are many gems among the dirt.

Here are my suggestions for August.


Lots of Blade Runner vibes here, which is a good thing. First-person survival horror game Observer is looking fantastic. In a dark cyber punk world players take the role of Daniel Lazarski (played by Rutger Hauer), a detective of the Observers police unit. This special unit can hack their targets memories with a device called Dream Eater. Hacking people’s brains can cause serious damage to both the observer and the target, but this is the risk Daniel is have to take when dealing with criminals and other lowlife.

I really like the art-style of the game and the idea of literally playing inside people’s minds. That gives developer a free pass to do anything they can think of. It is dangerous road, but if succeeded it can be amazing.

Developer: Bloober Team
Release Date: 15.8.2017
Platform: PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4


How about a little WipeOut-inspired racing? Redout looks vivid, fast-paced and smooth futuristic racer. I’m glad to see a little competition in this genre. The game received fairly positive reviews when it was released on PC last September. Now console players are about to get involved.

Developer: 34BigThings
Release Date: 29.8.2017
Platform: PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch


Developer Housemarque is known for games like Super Stardust HD, Outland and Resogun. With that kind of track-record it’s safe to assume that Matterfall will be a polished, fast-paced, neon-flavored run and gun platformer with a great replay value. This remains to be seen, but what I have heard and seen, it looks great.

Developer: Housemarque
Release Date: 15.8.2017
Platform: PlayStation 4

Sonic Mania

We have all witnessed the downfall of the iconic Sega mascot in recent years. From the awful 2006 Sonic the Hedgehog to mediocre 2013 Sonic: Lost World, it hasn’t been an easy road for the spike-haired blue speed runner. Thankfully it is time to go back to the roots. Sonic Mania goes all the way back to 16 bit era with its pixel graphics and 2D side-scrolling action. It brings back memories and it really looks like it can deliver what it promises.

Developer: SegaSoft, Sega, PagodaWest Games
Release Date: 15.8.2017
Platform: PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch